Hostal Hilton is located in:
C/ Vitoria, 165
09007 Burgos (Burgos)

Surrounding areas

The Inn Hilton is very well connected in the network of buses, with connections to the airport, bus and train stations: Line 1: Avd.Arlanzón (Piazza del Cid) (Bus Station) - Gamonal (runs every 7 minutes) . Line 8: Arlanzón (Piazza del Cid) (Bus Station) - Villafría. Line 24: Plaza Spain - Airport. Line 80: Education - Train. Line 25: Plaza Spain - Train Station - Eladio Pearl. Line 13: Hospitals, Night OWL BUS. Avd.Arlanzón (Piazza del Cid) (Bus Station) - Gamon. At 50 meters from a taxi stop.

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